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It’s been 4 years, 4 months, and 16 days since my son disappeared.

Today is his 35th birthday.

Friends ask how I’m coping with this loss, one that is never discussed, or mentioned, or even imagined in families surrounded by whatever normal days are, in a world where kids grow up and become the adults we hope for.

I’m coping by continuing.

Without the certainty that closure brings, I am left dangling in hope, unanswered prayers, and the unknown.

But I’m coping by continuing.

I am continuing to live, because I have a lot of living yet to do.

I am continuing to thrive, because my bucket list isn’t complete.

I am continuing to seek joy, because joy is where I want to live.

I am continuing to laugh, because to laugh is to release happiness.

I am continuing to love, because my heart still has room.

I am continuing…..and I will get up every day and continue again. Some days are filled with joy and others are fraught with heartache. But each day allows me to continue and I’ll take each one with whatever it is filled with, and run as fast and as hard as I can along this epic journey I’m on.

And whether I’m meandering along my path, or racing with the wind just ahead of a storm, I hope I’m giggling as often as possible and scattering a little glitter along the way.

Sending glitter & grace,


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