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It's the easy answer and the safe answer. I'm not putting my self 'out there' by being vulnerable and really letting anyone know what's going on because THAT would just be CRAZY.

NO one wants to know how you REALLY are, because that's just too much of everything and who has time for that?


It's what we're conditioned to say and to 'be'.

But are any of us really 'fine'?

Yes....we are often fine. Things are rolling right along, looking pretty good, and we're doing ok.

But what happens when we're not Fine, and we say it anyway?

Do we start to believe we're Fine because we keep repeating it over and over like an affirmation designed to make our brain believe what it's told?


Tell yourself you're Fine enough, and you'll begin to believe it no matter what is happening in your world.

THEN, then you'll start to think that being full of anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, or any of the multitudes of emotions that happen so often is how it's SUPPOSED to be.'re FINE.

It's ok to be NOT fine. It's ok to say, "Life is a struggle right now, but I'm working on it."

Real talk. Real life. Real struggles.

It happens. And we might not necessarily be better for it, but those struggles are sitting on our shoulder, prodding us along, cheering for us to succeed and be even MORE than just fine....

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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