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A Glittery Christmas Ornament

My mama was a crafter....and she was a varied crafter, picking up and creating anything that caught her fancy.

I've found boxes of beads, thread, yard, pins, and a plethora of other tiny treasures that would make some like minded soul very happy, but to many others, appears to be junk collected and kept, ready for the trash bin.

She was also a product of the depression, a life altering era that made her save every scrap of paper, tiny pieces of possibilities, and every plastic bowl that carried butter and metal can that held coffee.

Nothing was to be tossed out, saving everything to be used again. She was serious about reuse and recycle because that was a way of life, instead of a conscious decision about the planet.

While I was cleaning out boxes and boxes (and boxes) of a life time saver of things, I found one of her crafts.

This little treasure used to hold toilet tissue, but now, wrapped in glittery scraps of wallpaper (glitter???!!!), edged with rick rack and secured with glued on beads, my shining teenage face proudly adorns a Christmas ornament.

Her original idea? I have no idea but the reams of paper filling books full of craft ideas makes me think she poured over photos, melding her own creations with those of others.

I think my Christmas tree might have a new ornament this year, one proudly made from a toilet tissue paper roll, scraps of wallpaper and glued on beads.

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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