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Donkey farts and Rainbows....

Hey friend, how was your day today?

Let's face it....some days are better than others and some days are worse than others.

The secret is finding somewhere in the middle to land softly and figure out how to carry on tomorrow.

How are you ... really?

There's no shame in it being a day that's more donkey farts than rainbows and butterflies, because they can't all be one way or the other. If only, right.....

The good thing is there are better days, and there should be no guilt in having those, either. But it happens....people will rain on your parade, tossing a little shame your way when you're happy and life is good.

How do you get past it, get on with looking for the good days in the midst of chaos and crazy?

You carry on.

Some days you carry on slowly and some days you're as swift as the wind on your wings.

I see you, you're carrying on every single day and you are doing all that you can and on those days that all you can do is enough, I see you striving to do better tomorrow.

But here's a note.....all you can do is always enough.

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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