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It's getting a little smoky in here

I love a good snapchat filter....especially the ones that make my eye lashes look about a foot long and super thick.

And I also love anything that makes you love you.

If that's a snap chat or FB filter, then filter yourself up, girlfriend!

If you want green hair and cat ears in your picture, DO IT.

If that super cute, crazy hair bow that changes colors makes you smile, snap that baby and show it off.

Whatever you find that makes you show a little love to that beautiful self that's you....keep it close by, share it often, and use it as much as possible.

You don't owe one single explanation, excuse, or reason to any one.

Recently, I was in a small gift shop and there were all these mirrors....I don't know if the lighting was magical, or they had some super power filters in the air, but as I walked by this one mirror, I glanced at myself and thought..>DANG! Everything is looking pretty sharp...YOU SHOULD TAKE A PICTURE.

The picture wasn't nearly as sharp looking as me looking at me in the mirror, but I kept it anyway.....

Was it a little smoke & mirrors?


But just maybe it was a good hair day, the lighting was magical, and the fairy dust was heavy in the air that day.

All I know is looking in that super mirror made me smile.....

And THAT is what's truly magical.

Find the magic and let it glow all around you....look for it, draw it into your soul, and keep it there. You never know when you'll need a little dose to keep yourself going.

Glitter & Grace,


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