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Spa Day ~ whenever and wherever!

Last night, after yet another crazy chaotic day, Tater wanted to do a 'spa day'....she was SO flippin excited just talking about it.

And y'all....ain't gonna lie ~ she and I have had some really rough patches this year (started to say week, month, then...yeah - YEAR).

So, at 6:00 pm on a school night with just the two of us sitting in the living room, I said 'yes'.

I didn't want to say yes....I wanted to keep on working because this week is insane and I was behind when I woke up yesterday.

But I said yes....thinking I could still do a little work while she did whatever she was going to do.

And y'all....I swear if she painted my toenails any slower, the paint would have dried between each one. PAINFULLY slow and careful. And after doing 2, she decided it didn't look good enough, so she took it off and started over.


After the toenails were done, she wanted to do hair and makeup.

Now....she's been doing my makeup for YEARS and somewhere there's a picture of me that makes Mel Gibson's Braveheart look underdressed. There was blue eye shadow all over my face and I began to see her fixation with The Smurfs a little too closely....

But last night....last night she might have been a little heavy on the blush and eye shadow but she blended, she took her time (sweetbabyjesus, she took her time), and it actually didn't look bad. Too much for me, but still.....the improvements were DRASTICAlLY different from that 4 year old digging in my old makeup and applying it wherever and however she wanted. hair is another story...she LOVED it this way and wanted to know when I was going to wear it like this?

Ahhh, the 12th of never?

But it's good to see other options, right

So, at 8:30, without a shower, without planning for today, without being done with my work, she finished.

And was so excited she could barely stand it. She wanted me to take a selfie, then she wanted to take the picture, then she wanted us to take a selfie together.

I stayed up way too late catching up (certainly not her fault because I shoulda had this crap done long before last night...but life happened, so....).

I hope when we're having more trouble and in each other's faces in the future, when she's tempting her fate by asserting her independence, when I'm questioning EVERY SINGLE THING she's doing at that moment....I really really hope we can remember last night.... with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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